Clinical records management for therapists

We want to give therapists a best-in-class clinical records and client management system.
Therapy Plaza was built in close collaboration with The Expressive Child, a paediatric speech and language therapy practice in Surrey, to be a GDPR compliant, digital notes system which reduces your admin burden and lets you share session notes with clients and their carers.

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Our beautiful web app keeps track of your clients and their session notes, and lets you individually and securely share notes with parents, carers, teachers, or other professionals where appropriate.


Intuitive and easy to use

We have taken great care to keep Therapy Plaza simple and straightforward to use

A clean, modern look

We want you to feel at home in Therapy Plaza, not tear your hair out trying to navigate a complicated system.

Supporting transparent therapy

Share session notes with parents or teachers with one click. Keep everyone informed, even when therapy is taking place away at school or nursery.

Two-way communication

Carers, teachers and other professionals can be given selective access to a client's file and securely update the electronic record with their observations.


Safe and secure

Therapy Plaza uses state-of-the art authentication and encryption mechanisms to keep your data safe.

Your own web address

You will get a standalone instance of Therapy Plaza with your own web address for you and your clients. Your data is kept separate from other Therapy Plaza customers.

Industy standard protection

We use the same policies and protections that your bank uses to keep your money safe. Your data is kept in the UK, not shipped around the globe.

Fully auditable

Therapy Plaza keeps track of everyt interaction - whether someone is viewing a record or deleting an entry, nothing happens that can't be traced or undone if required.


Here's what our users say

A group of pilot-tester therapists helped us develop and improve our application. Here's what they have to say!

It seems so easy to use .
I'm quite excited to use Therapy Plaza. It's just what I need.

SLT in Buckinghamshire

So handy to have in terms of planning. I'm finding I can use my phone in the mornings to log on and gather my thoughts and plan sessions.

SLT in Surrey

Love the new updates on Therapy Plaza!
It is great.

SLT in Surrey
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Therapy Plaza is a Clinical Records and Client Management System for Therapists
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