Data management

Track details about your clients, their carers, and the organisations they interact with, such as nurseries and schools. Securely store details in a GDPR compliant manner.

Link the people who are involved in a client's therapy

Make your life easier when you're juggling a lot of data - especially if you're working in school or nursery settings, where a multitude of clients and staff can be involved.

Keep your liaison happy!

Working with a school or nursery? SENDCos and nursery managers can be kept in the loop on children's progress.

Two-way communication and selective sharing

As most of us know by now, we should not be sending reports and sensitive information in e-mails. Therapy Plaza offers a simple way of sharing reports, documents, therapy plans and other sensitive information, fully protected through end-to-end encrypted communication channels.


Effortless interaction

Offering easy access from anywhere with an Internet connection, Therapy Plaza works great on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Openness and transparency

Record targets and progress for each client, and share relevant notes with parents, carers, or other professionals. Cut back status update phone calls and ad-hoc e-mails.

Reduce your admin burden

Find your client's details and their clinical record in one place. Have their notes securely stored for the required retention period.

Peace of mind

You are always in control of your data - if you want a local copy of your client details and notes, or want to end your Therapy Plaza subscription, you can export client data to your own computer.

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