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Therapy Plaza aims to be easy and straightforward to use, while giving you the power and control to make light work of your clinical admin.

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Client management

Securely capture and store client details in a GDPR compliant manner

Capture all relevant client details

Enter basic information such as name, address, and contact details. Capture gender information, including non-binary classifications. Add custom attributes to suit how you work - you are not boxed in with a pre-defined set of options.

Add contacts

Keep track of client contacts, such as parents, guardians, partners, and next of kin, where this is relevant to the service you provide.

Manage sensitive content

If there are safeguarding concerns or specific contact instructions, keep them securely with your client information to stay compliant and safe.

Secure GDPR compliant CRM/EHR patient/client management

Clinical note taking

Get a timeline view of your notes

Keep clinical notes in order

Our unique timeline view ensures all information is available on screen, dated, and can be searched. No more clicking through dozens of single documents to find what you need.

Upload files, images, documents, videos in one central place

Capture all that's relevant to your client's clinical record - scans or photos of handwritten notes, audio recordings, session video recordings, or photos of art that your client has produced in therapy - there are no constraints.

Customisable formatting

Our notes editor captures more than text - format and structure your notes as you see fit. Use text styles, lists, highlighting and many more...

Electronic health records securely retained

Track case loads and therapy status

Stay on top of enquiries, active clients, and discharges

Quickly filter to show you what matters

In your client views you can easily sort, filter, and search based on what stage a client is at. And once you've discharged them, they won't clutter up your active client view.

Assign primary therapists or practitioner teams

Comply with best practice and ensure clarity on who the primary responsible therapist is, and which teams are involved in a client's care. This is automatically reflected on therapists dashboards and in their caseload filters.

Clinical responsibilities tracked

Simplify liaison with schools, nurseries, and other organisations

Keeping the right people in the loop

Invite Sencos, teachers, TAs

Keep your school liaison happy and teaching staff in the loop. Rather than endless status update calls and e-mails, invite staff to view progress for clients in their school directly in Therapy Plaza. Use the two-way communication and sharing abilities to get their input on clients too.

Meaningfully group your caseload

Tracking and quantifying therapy progress and input can be hard work. Ensure you're always on top of client case loads in school by creating organisations and allocating clients.

Grouping case loads and working with outside organisations

Selective note sharing

If you're striving to deliver open, transparent care we've got you covered

With clients and their contacts

Our unique client portal and note sharing mechanism allow you to transparently and securely keep your clients and their contacts up to date with progress.

With other professionals

Invite other professionals involved in your client's care to read and contribute notes - all with your client's consent of course.

Always in control

By default all data is kept private. You get to choose which notes to share, and who with. There is no rigid pattern - each note can be individually shared with its own audience, or not at all.

Securel, encrypted, permissions-based record access

Supporting multiple and multi-disciplinary teams

Making sharing easy and protecting data even easier

Group practitioners into teams

Simplify internal note sharing by using teams to ensure the right people get to see updates.

GDPR compliant

Adhere to 'need to know' best practices and ensure not all data is available to everyone in your organisation. Different practitioner teams can decide how open or closed access to their notes should be based on the sensitivity of the data.

Make onboarding and team moves simple

When a therapist moves between teams, temporarily covers for someone, or newly joins your organisation you can immediately reflect this change in their data access.

Teams support for collaborative work

Use your brand

Make Therapy Plaza yours

Custom theming

Use your logos and brand colours to customise your Therapy Plaza.

Your own subdomain

You will automatically receive your own subdomain for your standalone Therapy Plaza installation. You will be able to access it at https://<your-practice-name>

Integrate with your existing website

If you already offer services through your website we can integrate Therapy Plaza with it for a seamless client experience.

Customisable look and feel

Support Single Sign-On, LDAP integration, WebAuthn

Catering to enterprise requirements with ease

Sign-on federation

Our enterprise-ready authentication layer can integrate with yours to simplify the log-on process for all users, and to help with access control and compliance.

Two factor authentication

We support TOTP and WebAuthn solutions to increase account security.

Partnering with your IT team

We are experienced in working with IT solutions teams, responding to security questionnaires and audits to give you peace of mind.

SSO, OAuth2, SAML, LDAP, to keep your users and compliance officer happy

Works at home, in the office, and on the go

Our beautiful web app works wherever you are

Mac / PC / Windows / Linux / iPhone / Android

Whatever device you're using, as long as you can go online to access the secure Therapy Plaza servers, you can get to work. We support all common computers, laptops, phones, and tablets, and constantly validate compatibility.

Small and Fast

Our custom-built web app is optimised for simplicity, speed, and efficiency, without compromising on functionality. So even when you're out and about and on a flakey mobile connection, we aim to get all the relevant data as quickly as possible.

Online digital clinical notes system

No data hostages

You can always export and take your data with you

You can export and save your data at any time

We don't want you to feel trapped and stuck with us. If Therapy Plaza no longer meets your needs, you can download your notes and all stored file attachments to move to a different product.

We will help with importing data from existing systems

If you already have your data in electronic form (in a spreadsheet or in another clinical records system), we can help with importing your existing client details and notes into Therapy Plaza.

Support for importing and exporting clinical notes
30 days, no commitment, no card details needed.
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