Easily import your notes from My Therapy Tracker

Therapy Plaza is a great alternative solution to MyTherapyTracker.

If you currently manage your case load in MyTherapyTracker and would like to switch to Therapy Plaza, we offer an easy to use import feature. Export your case load from My Therapy Tracker and import it into Therapy Plaza in a few clicks.
Our support team is also on hand to help with your migration from MTT to Therapy Plaza.

We offer an advanced clinical notes management system designed by Speech and Language therapists.
It's easy to upload documents, audio, and video files, share selected notes with clients or their carers, and encourage them to add their observation into our secure clinical records system. We make it easy for multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate.

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If you're unsure about anything or want to ask a question via e-mail please get in touch with us at hello@therapyplaza.co.uk

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Therapy Plaza is a Clinical Records and Client Management System for Therapists and Counsellors
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